Do you sell prints?

Yes, currently we are working on our store to curate the perfect collection. If you are looking to wholesale, we are currently taking interest, get in touch

Do you run workshops?

We are working on this at the present time. If there is a special kind of workshop you would like us to host, get in touch at


Do you travel outside of Perth for shoots and consults?

Yes, we can travel anywhere for a shoot or a consult, but also offer consults over Skype for your convenience.

Can I send you my product to shoot if I'm not in Perth?

Absolutely! This is something we often do for clients outside of the state or even just busy people, we will work together on the direction for the shoot, have the product sent over sending you progress shots at the time of the shoot to put your mind at rest. We then send the product back along with the edits. 



Can you help me style things other than my home?

Yes, we can style homes, businesses, smaller curated events, workshops and exhibition stalls. Get in touch to have a chat.


What is your point of difference for shooting?

Our background in design has lead to a very refined and classic style when it comes to styling and shooting. We shoot with natural light as much as possible to give your product, service or brand a true and natural look only using studio lighting when necessary. This is not to say it is the correct, or only way to go about shooting, it's just our aesthetic. 


Do you do collaborations or brand partnerships?

Yes, we have done some brand partnerships and collaboration with some amazing designers and national and even international brands. If you think your brand or product aligns with ours get in touch at