Grazing Guide With Tiffany Keal

Tiffany Keal is the creative powerhouse behind some of Perth’s best grazing boards and styled events. Constantly thinking outside the box and coming up with out of this world concepts, her work is inspiring and often dream like.

I recently sat down with Tiffany to chat all things grazing boards and how to create one of your very own.

I love this minimal board Tiff created for an intimate event. I was lucky enough to help eat this one…

I love this minimal board Tiff created for an intimate event. I was lucky enough to help eat this one…

1. What is the basic formula for creating a grazing board?

Before the produce comes into the play...a beautiful board, some gorgeous cheese knives and a unique olive dish can add so much personality to you board. You can mix this up each time using bespoke pieces you may already have at home!

Instead of piling every surface of the board, I allow some 'breathing' space for guests to select grazing with ease whilst allowing the produce to stand out. 

2. What produce should be on the grazing board?

A few delicious grazing items that come to mind would be:

2 -3 types of cheese, A creamy soft Brie, Manchego, Truffle cheddar (is a favourite) 

Paired w/

Fresh Honeycomb and / or fig paste

Freshly baked bread

1-2 types of Artisan crackers (A favourite being Knutsford Gourmet Maple Syrup and Pink Peppercorn Lavosh)

Blueberries or seedless grapes

Artisan olives

Candied and /or fresh walnuts 

3. What is your main tip when selecting your produce?

Such a lover of local crafted artisan produce wherever possible. A favourite being Perth’s Poach Pear - Duck and Orange Paté. 

Less is more. We would rather have a few beautiful elements of deliciousness, luring guests back in for more. 

4. Can you give us some styling tips for presenting a grazing board?

Play with levels, this means having some of the produce sitting higher on the board and other elements spilling off the board and on to the table. 

Always remember to include a small dish for pips if you are using olives.

Group similar colours together, this creates visual impact.

5. How should I time my grazing board with getting ready for an event?

I always recommend that the host gets dressed and ready before starting the grazing board, as when setting the grazing board...later never happens! Before you know it guests will be arriving. 

I would say 40mins to assemble the board, depending on how many guests you have to feed. If it’s a larger board allow an hour plus.

I suggest having the board complete and ready 10 mins prior to guests arriving. Along with a box of crackers on the bench. You never want to run out of crackers, and this avoids too many on the board. 

6. Are there any tips for staying under budget?

I recommend getting produce that is in season. Choosing your fruit accordingly will always help and still can create the visual wow.

I never stay under budget...I will spend every cent allocated and some!

You can find Tiffany’s dreamy work at: