Making a House a Home: The all IKEA Room

The one stop shop that is IKEA it has everything, including the kitchen sink. I love a good ikea find and the designs are getting better and better.

It can seem like an overwhelming experience, but if you go in with a clear vision you really can fit out an entire room, or home with IKEA items if you know what you are looking for while still being stylish.

This blog post is to show you how to pull together a room using entirely IKEA items, from furniture, to styling. Whether you are fitting out a spare room, an entire air bnb or home, or just needing a few finishing touches for your home this guide will help you navigate through that literal IKEA maze.

This whole look was created using items from IKEA

This whole look was created using items from IKEA

Looking at this concept I have stayed really true to my style and honestly would have all of these pieces in my home. I have started with a white couch (I love a white sofa), then adding black furniture in to ground the space. The accents are all either black and grey or have a natural wicker style to them, I have kept the whole look very consistent being careful not to inject anything completely random in that I may later regret.

Start with your canvas:

  1. Know your style and stick to it. As I always say, if you are beginning a project whip up a quick mood board so you don’t loose sight of your original vision (I do this for any project I start)

  2. Choosing a sofa, dining table or a bed with a style that you love or won’t get sick of is important. Research the style of interior you like and see the common items or materials. I love classic minimalism so I go for black, white or natural timbers, If you like all white stick with that.

  3. The canvas is your investment pieces so make sure you think about your lifestyle honestly before purchasing as you might see something while you are out and be tempted but it may not be realistic for your needs.


  1. Is it practical and/or beautiful? If the answer is no, then put it back you don’t need to add to the worlds rubbish problem when you get sick of it in 2 weeks.

  2. go into your shopping spree with a strong idea of the kind of colours you like, are you pulling your palette from a piece of artwork or a rug you may already own? If so take an image with you when shopping so you have it right there and don’t have to buy and return items (how annoying is that!)

  3. Selecting textures is a great way to make your space interesting without injecting too much colour, look for a mix of natural timbers or a throw rug with a chunky knit texture to add some warmth.

I hope this post inspired you to create a space that you love. Happy styling!

L x

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