Making a House a Home: The Spare Room

Having family and friends come to stay can be so much fun, but if your spare room isn’t quite ‘guest ready’ it can make you want to avoid having visitors. this post is all about making your guests feel as comfortable as possible in their home away from home.

Styling a spare bedroom

The essentials:

  1. Add a lamp, soft light is essential for creating a restful environment, I prefer a lamp where the bulb isn’t visible.

  2. invest in some good quality sheets, bamboo is great as they are breathable but have a nice weight to them. (If you have the bed ready made all the time pull the top sheet over the pillows when not in use to avoid them getting dusty)

  3. Make sure you have blanket options for the different seasons, a waffle blanket for the summer, and a doona/duvet for the winter. Different people also feel the seasons differently so make sure you let your guests know where the extra blankets are.

  4. Curtains or block out blinds are a great addition to help out any jet-lagged visitors get a good night (or days) rest.

  5. Clear some space in a wardrobe and supply some empty hangers incase your guests want to hang some of their clothing.

It’s all in the details:

  1. scent is a great way to create a relaxed feeling in a space, especially in a bedroom. a nice room spray or candle will do the job, just make sure when selecting your scent it isn’t too overpowering, light florals are ideal, avoid things like vanilla and musk as they are quite heavy.

  2. Supply your guest with soft, hotel like towels. buy a set that is specifically for guests so they are always ready to roll. To make them extra soft, use a fabric softener, and for extra fluffiness put them in the dryer.

  3. Save the handy hotel or airline toothbrush kits for your guests who may have forgotten their own, this avoids that annoying late night supermarket dash.

  4. A small posy of flowers or natives on the bedside or drawers adds a home like feeling and they just look so gorgeous.

  5. A jug of water left with a glass on the bedside can save your visitor from doing a parched midnight scramble looking for light switches.

mostly it is putting yourself in your visitors shoes, think of all of the things you love about staying in a hotel and translate that to your home.

happy styling, and Enjoy your visitors!

L x

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