Podcast Round Up

I love a good podcast, they make traffic jams and long car rides so much more enjoyable. I prefer to listen to Podcasts about design, business and autobiographical type interviews. Here are some of the ones I am loving at the moment.

  1. The Business of Home. This series interviews creatives in the home industry, it talks about the changes and challenges of the interior design industry.

Design Podcast

2. TDF Talks. Hosted by Lucy Feagins of The Design Files, this podcast talks to creators, and designers in the Australian design industry. I love this podcast and hate when I know it is coming to an end, it also has a very nice intro tune.

TDF talks

3. Offline. Another favourite, Offline interviews the faces behind some of the most beautiful and well loved instagrams in Australia. I like the feeling of getting to know these women like a friend in their often quite raw conversations.

Offline podcast

4. Second Life. An incredibly inspirational podcast about the journey of peoples careers and how they got to their ‘second life’. It just goes to show it’s never too late to start over.

Second Life podcast

5. Oprah’s Masterclass. Life lessons from well known public figures, we get an insight into their lives and the lessons they have learnt. As always Oprah is a flawless host, a very easy listen.

Oprah Podcast
Lulu Cavanagh