Top 5 | Mother's Day Gifting

Mother’s Day is a nice time of year to celebrate the women who mean so much to us, wether it be our own mothers, step mothers, mother in laws or women who raised us, it is a chance to say thank you and show our appreciation.

To those who may not have their mother around to celebrate, Mother’s Day is a lovely chance to reflect on all of the nice times. And to those celebrating their first Mother’s Day, enjoy it!

If you aren’t hugely into gifting, here are some suggestions under $100. A bunch of tulips doesn’t go a stray either. And don’t forget the card!

Enjoy, L x 


top 5 Mother's Day Gifting.jpg

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1. Sicilian Citrus Candle , Lumira

2. Rose Hand Lotion, 450ml, Byredo (Mecca)

3. Oiva/Siirtolapuutarha bowl 9 dl, Marimekko

4. Dane Ceramic Large Vase, Country Road

5. Floral II, The Aesthete Collective