Top 5 | Kitchen Styling Essentials

One of my favourite things to do is have family and friends over and cook for them. I love setting the table with fresh flowers, linens and platters full of yummy food. Here are 5 items that can instantly lift any meal and make it feel slightly more sophisticated.

  1. Linen napkins, they bring an effortless style that paper towel just doesn’t offer. I prefer white as they are crisp, go with everything and are easy to remove stains from.

  2. A good quality large wooden chopping board, these are great for serving bread at dinner, or a simple cheese board on, I would choose a nice round one as they look great hanging on the kitchen wall too.

  3. A large vase, this is a must if you want to add a touch of green or a beautiful flower arrangement. you can opt for a statement vase or something a bit more timeless depending on your style.

  4. serving platter. this is a really versatile piece you can serve salads, meats, or even dessert on. purchasing a classic piece with a slight texture is the way to go as it will tie in with whatever you are serving. to make life that little bit easier make sure you are buying a dishwasher safe platter. No one wants to spend a dinner party cleaning up.

  5. cutlery and utensils. if you have ‘good cutlery’ bring it out more often! Don’t bother saving it for those special dinners, use them all the time! cutlery and serving utensils are like the jewellery of the table so make them beautiful.

No matter whats on the menu, these top 5 items will bring some style to any feast.

Enjoy, L x 


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1. Linen Napkins, The Beach People

2. Alex Liddy Round Chopping Boards, House

3. Dnae Vase Large, Country Road

4. Flax Platter, Ivory House

5. St Louis 32 Piece Cutlery Set white, Laguiole