Top 5 | Fenton & Fenton Edition

Fenton and Fenton is one of my favourite stores in Melbourne. They have always been front runners in style and trend forecasting. Their showroom is a visual feast and it takes a while to wander around and take it all in. 

F&F are mostly known around the town for their beautiful bone inlay furniture (#5 on the selection) and their gorgeous 'mr fenton's rugs' that are bright and fun and make any space feel alive and happy.

As you can see below I have done more of an understated selection with a neutral look and a slight bohemian feel. if you are ever in Melbourne, please do yourself a favour and visit this store you will leave so inspired and/or slightly sad you can't fit everything into your car..

Enjoy, L x 


Aesthete Top 5 Fenton and Fenton

Shop the #top5 edit. 

1. Brass Clam Shell, Large (Half)

2. Jai Vasicek, Tarlea

3.  Klaylife, Sash Chandelier

4. Leather Sling Chair, Teak & Tan

5. Bone Inlay 4-Drawer Commode, Grey Floral